I am new in Germany. Which laws do I have to observe?

When you are new to a country, there are several national laws and regulations that need to be observed.

The Federal Ministry of Justice uploads the current version of the federal law on the internet for free.

Regulation on the Maintenance of the Central Register of Foreigners Act


Regulation on Work Permits for Foreign Labourers


Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act


Asylum Procedure Act


Act on the Residence, Economic Activity and Integration of Foreigners in the Federal Territory Residence Act


Act on the Affairs of Expellees and Refugees


Regulations governing German Residence


Act on the Legal Status of Stateless Foreigners in the Federal Territory


Act on the Central Register of Foreigners


Regulations on the Procedure and the Admission of Foreigners Living in Germany to Engage in Employment


Regulations on the Admission of Foreigners Entering the Country for Employment


Regulation on the Naturalisation Test and the Integration Course


Act on the Freedom of Movement of EU-citizens


Ordinance on Integration Courses


Personal Statute Law


Act on Assisted Returns


Regulation on the Revision of the Jurisdiction over Asylum Regulations


Act on Reintegration Assistance in Housing for Returning Foreigners