Welcome to our information website „MigNet Passau“!

On this website, people from  the city or the district of Passau – no matter if they are German and new to Passau or if they originally come from another country – may find information on living, learning and working in Germany and the region of Passau.

You can find the most important information about different topics together with contact details from the organisations, authorities and persons from the district and the city of Passau, which may help you with any further questions concerning the specific topics.

With our information website “MigNet Passau”, which is promoted by the EU programme XENOS, we would like to help people – especially migrants – to have better access to information so their integration becomes easier.

Our aim is to establish a welcoming environment in our region for people of different origins, in which racism and xenophobia have no place and where integration, tolerance and diversity are normal and part of our everyday life.


Your team,

the Volkshochschule Passau and "Gemeisam leben & lernen in Europa"